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Based on the concept of boosting employees’career, the company carried out a series of plans to improve employees’ competency and develop their career.

Main Measures:
 1、Offer teachers for new employees: the teacher will help new employees to adjust to the new work and new environment through teaching skills face to face and helping them make career planning.。

2、Two ways for employees’promotion:
(1)Get into management team: New employee - supervisor -section chief - head of a department - superintendent - assistant president.
(2)Be professional: new employee- primary- intermediate- senior-expert-senior expert

3、Career management for employee: to promote the growth for both employee and company, the company carrys out career management for employee.
(1)Company Recommendation: evaluation-department recommendation- make out promotion plan- carry out promotion plan- realize promotion;
(2)Self-recommendation: self recommendation- Registering planned position- make out promotion plan- carry out promotion plan - realize promotion.

The company and the department of human resources focus on the first point, department and employees focus on the second point.

4、Diversification opportunities: company provides employees many different work ways to help employees learn knowledge skills and experience in their work.
(1)Job rotation:Employees get into different positions for learning different different knowledge and skills so they can get overall promotion.
(2)Position Transfer: If there is corresponding position available, the employee can apply to that position with his cooresponding skill.
(3)Compete for the post : If there is an important position available and no candidate in that department, all employees have the opportunity to compete for the position.
(4)Job rotation and taking a temporary post: For outstanding managers,company provides job rotation opportunities or lets them take a temporary post, to help the potential leaders extend management skills and have a overall viw to think and solve problem at a high position.

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