1. Why Parking lock 360 °series is anti-collision?

1 The base is one-time die-casting, so symmetrical layout.
2 High strength spring is added in rocker, so is anti-collision from all sides
3 Good connection between built-in spindle and rocker.

2.Why the parking lock is waterproof?
The product is sealed by framework oil seal and sealing rubber ring to avoid dust and water in.
3. How to know the parking lock is low power?
The rocker of parking lock doesn’t go up or down but the buzzer alarms for 4 times, or the indicate light flashes with both red and green color.
4.How to charge the parking lock?
Unlock the upper cover – Bring out the battery—Connect the battery and charger –Turn on the power,and charge the battery until the indicate light to be green.
5. How to operate remote controller?
There are two buttons on the remote controller, one is for up, the other down. Press the button direct to parking lock.
6.How to maintain the parking lock?

1 Operate the parking lock strictly according to manual instruction.
2 For the parking lock time finishing, in order to make their life better continuous;
3 Charge the battery in time when it is low power.

7. What does HEPA filter mean?
HEPA filter is mainly to separate dust and air so that the air can be cleaned.
8. Except for dust bag, is there any other parts can be cleaned in vacuum cleaner?
Floor brush, nozzle, bristle brush,and tube can be cleaned by water and dry all the parts before they are reused. Please clean the filter and air outlet surface when they are dirty, it could protect the motor and extend its life of motor.
9. Air leakage is normal or not?
Normally it doesn’t. Please check whether the product is well-installed, the dust bag is not full, the large particles of dust has been cleaned off.And please take notice the unit can not be used to clean cement,lime etc.
10. Is it normal that the power cord is hot when it is working?
Yes, it is. To work the product needs large power and current, so the temperature of power cord will be high.
11. Can filter be cleaned by water?
The filter can be cleaned by water, but do not use boiling water or be cleaned by washing machine, hand washing only.
12. What’s DB of the noise? Why so big?
International standard of noise, 1000W: 80 dB. If the motoer is larger than1000W, noise increase accordingly. Noise mainly comes from three aspects: the aerodynamic noise, the mechanical noise and electromagnetic noise. And for series motors, the speed can be 20000~25000 rpm, increasing the noise.
13. What does the vacuum refer to?
Vacuum is an important index for vacuum cleaner. The larger the vacuum is, the larger the suction. It also relates to the quality of motor and the unit’s sealing standard. On ther aspect, it is not always better for large vacuum, because if the degree of vacuum increases, the load of moter increases so to affect the life of motor.

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