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Smart home system provides a portable, one key control, fashion and modern, safe and healthy , energy-saving and low-carbon home.



Core technology
 •WinCE industry flat applied in home
 •VoIP, H.264
 •Zigbee
 •Self-discovery service, Ad-hoc network
 •Cloud server
 •control for intelligent equipment such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
 •High-end residential community, commercial –and-residential apartment
 •Apartment / small high-level house
 •Option for simulation intercom system
 •Row villa, single-family villa,
 •Customized Apartment

Application scene
 •Visual intercom-- When the visitors come and call, the owners can see visual and speak with visitors. Those visuals can be preserved.
 •Security--When the owner was sleeping, the probe get into sleep mode to monitor the abnormal situation; at the same time it can obtain the corridor probe abnormalities; If the house is on fire, it will alarm to wake up the owner for escape.
 •Security--When the owner is away from home, the probe switches the mode, and if someone broke in, it would alarm to inform owners or tenement.
 •Community service--When returning home, it would advise to check if there are neww notification from tenement.
 •Community service--Area business services, such as laundry service, fast food order service.
 •Remote control--Smart mobile phone is available to control air conditioner, curtains, set up and cancel defence.


The community network configuration



Core equipments
 •Visual intercom + terminal control
 •Wireless home gateway
 •Community server
 •APP for IPhone iPad etc.



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