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In view of the increasing number of vehicles and vehicle parking demand, Topan Group launches a leading vehicle parking system. To solve the problem of parking through following projects:

Available parking space detection
Judge whether a car is parking or not on each parking space through the installation of magnetic field detection device under each parking space.

Available parking space publishment
Collecte data from magnetic field detection device, and send it to signal receiving device through wireless transmission. Publish the available parking space by LED indicator after simple processing.

Parking space reservation
Users can login in corresponding website to select the desired parking space and reserved,through parking lock, the parking spacewill be reserved for user.

Site location
When entering the garage and get intelligent position card, the parking system can know the travel path of the vehicle, so to site location.

Parking guidance
The user can learn the availabe parking spacethrough LED screen publishment, and quickly find a space to park. The one who has fixed in advance,, LED screen will guide the user to predetermined parking space.

Searching parked vehicles
When the user wants to return to the parking space, he can put his card on searching parked vechicle card reader and knows the vehicle parking location. System willoffer a shortest path for user to reach.

Self-service payment
The user can pay parking fee through automatic paying machine instead of paying at the exit of parking lot, which save time to pull out and improve parking lot’s operation efficiency, reducing probability of congestion.

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